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     The model ATS-SS-IMP-5/16 Table Sealer is designed for a wide range of applications including: Medical, Food, Candy, Paper Goods, Textiles, Poultry, Bakery, Toys, Crafts, Garden, Pet Supplies, Decorative, Automotive, Electronics, Jewelry, Mailroom, Parts Kits and many more!
  • Smokeless and Odorless 1/8" wide trimmed seal on PE. 
  • Size bags: 2"-16" wide. Wider models are available.
  • Materials: Polyethylene only.
  • Adjustable Dwell Timer, Impulse Timer and Cooling Timer for sealing different thicknesses of polyethelene.
  • Preheat design -no warm up time required.
  • Includes adjustable front feeder tray to lay product on.
  • Scrap trim blow off & Scrap Net included.
  • Foot Pedal start switch included.
  • Heavy gauge construction: Welded and painted steel
  • ATS models require compressed air, 80-90 PSI.
  • Electrical: 110 V, 15 amps, 1 ph, 60 cycles (220 V available).


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