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     The HCBS offers state of the art sealing. It produces a tight secure sealed bag using Polyolefin and PVSC shrink films, that require precise temperature controls to create a consistently tight package every time. It works equally well on a variety of films such as Polyethylene, Polymylar, Polypropylene, Coextrusions and Polylaminates.
  • Heavy duty unit constructed with stainless steel shafting and chrome plated sealing assembly
  • Operates on 110Volt , 1 phase , 60 cycle
  • Conveyor belt widths up to 4' and lengths up to 50'
  • Creates a trimmed secure seal Adjustable speeds up to 100' per minute
  • Vacuum removal trim system with scrap accumulator
  • Digital read out microprocessor controller provides precise temperature control
  • Smokeless and odorless sealing
  • Temperature control up to 500+/-2 degrees
  • USDA approved
  • 1/8" wide final seal & trim
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